Sunday, June 26, 2016

Petition (Sonnet for Heather)


Petition (Sonnet for Heather)

How can it be, on the surface perceive,
easy to forgive a perfect stranger,
and so hard to forgive a friend? Reprieve
therein lies, estranged; in truth a danger.

Heavy is a heart, predisposed to grieve.
Elusive bonds, chronicled, and as such,
resigned to resort to wear heart on sleeve,
missing motions, glances she once could clutch.

Bury the stillness of a starless eve,
recalling a place in time, he wasn't here;
afford measure of solace, side bereave;
gone, seldom forgotten; dim what was clear.

Extent of waiver, granted final, pure,
relies on her buying in, steadfast, sure.

Michael Todd (2016)

Sonnet written for Heather Brager.

Acrostic written to Heather M. Brager.

You can find Heather at her site, Touching The Art ...