Sunday, September 6, 2015

Distant Bell Tower (for Ann)


Distant Bell Tower (for Ann)

Roadside flowers, all taken for granted,
Unnoticed, east to west, (hands on the wheel),
Fronting rolls of hay, randomly planted;
Shadows cast, outflank the colours appeal.

Melodies cascade from a distant shore,
Passing through, beckoning my heart to steal;
Bring my heritage, on wings, to my door;
How to discern what is whimsy, or real?

I might have had a friend, had fate allowed.
We had one shared friend between, in common.
I could better have served both, had I bowed.
I'd gladly have settled for apportion.

Like the sound from a distant bell tower,
She passed me by, like a roadside flower.

Michael Todd (2015)