Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Work In Progress (Sonnet for Charlotte)


A Work In Progress (Sonnet for Charlotte)

I think I like someone. What should I do?

Agnizing, her bearing has caught off guard.

Pause, reflect... enough data to review;

A simple survey... why make this so hard?

First steps are subtle, to shared envisions,

Endowing part of a sudden, not all...

How does one weigh in random provisions,

When sample sizes, in hand, are so small?

Knowing, emotion is driving this team,

Running rampant from cause to consequence;

If my first impressions are as they seem,

Nothing more is required here, to convince.

Count me, all in; nothing more to address;

She is far more than a work in progress.

Michael Todd  (2013)

NOTE: I got the idea for this poem from Charlotte Blackwell.

You can find her here...