Saturday, January 3, 2015

Find the Time


Find the Time

A touch of morning, new year: realize,
Customized to-do lists, spread around;
It really should not come as a surprise,
These tasks I could do, while still above ground.

Pretty pictures, snapped and framed, hung to view,
Afghan crocheted, preferred colors, size, style,
Antique table repaired, new stain, screws, glue;
Unique one and only's, from this strewn pile.

Send shout outs to shut ins, along life's way:
Comfort and solace, or leave them laughing.
Give flowers to the living, brighten their day;
Risk versus reward? Free, what I might bring.

I own the lamp post, where I tie my horse;
These tasks in hand, planned; I'll do, in due course!

Michael Todd (2015)

Disclaimer: This is not so much about new years resolutions as it is about directives. It is about time management and obligations, both to self and others... I got the idea for this, following a conversation with Paula Dawn Lietz. In the exchange, she pointed out that everything takes time, and we just need to find a balance.